Simple Solo Chatter

“raw words, mixed media and buckets of coffee”

A kingdom of words, a realm that comes alive with drifting thoughts and random words strung together, documenting the endless strain of solo conversation.

Enter at your own risk. A no judgement zone powered by words that may evoke emotions, and personal opinions.

Words on paper, in any combination, provide an escape from reality. Words out loud may warp it, but never, ever, underestimate the power of them.


An old soul, that’s endured a lot in life, stumbling through the world, one word at a time. Here, will be gentle musings, documented passions and raw material, however the words may flow. Or, maybe there is no theme, maybe it’s just simple solo chatter.

Driven by coffee and emotion

Featured poems


Standing in the middle of a crowd, in the middle of this city, I feel like a simple shadow. Glanced at, barely recognizable, indistinguishable, a walk by, a dot, something so unimportant, each glance is inadvisable…..

Now and Then

I feel impatient in this phase of life, as if waiting for nothing. All the space between now and then seems vast, a black hole that color can’t even seem to blast. My mind writes in simple rhymes, ignoring recklessness…..

Good Morning

I’m sorry to anyone who has to deal with me in the mornings. After two cups of coffee, I’m still sleepy eyed and tongue tied… even more then normal. All you bushy eyed, wide smile, cheerful morning people say…..

Poetry is not always for the faint of heart, often, you must be able to read between the lines. Remember, I took creative liberties. Amped it up to find the words. Got lost in the thought and wrote about it.

I hope some of it makes you giggle, outright laugh, or maybe even shed a tear or two.

Love having you here! Happy reading!